Exploring Viet Tri city tours

With an aim to diversify tourism products in Phu Tho province, Viet Tri City tours was built to give visitors new and deeply experiences of culture and Hung Kings worshipping beliefs, Xoan singing and the people’s life at the ancient land.

14th NA election results announced: Phu Tho province has 7 candidates

The National Election Council (NEC) held a press conference to announce the result of the election and the list of candidates had been elected to the 14th National Assembly (NA) on Jun 9th 2016 in the afternoon.

The 1st international day of Yoga over the world and Phu Tho province

For a long time, India has focus on creation and propagation of knowledge about training human physical and mind, but their contents have not united yet. 7000 years ago, Mr. Sada Shiva synthesized Yoga knowledge and supplement the medical self Meditation knowledge (Saddhana). SADA SHIVA founded Tantra Yoga (TAN means material properties, limitations, while TRA means liberating from the limitations).

Preserve Phu Tho Xoan Singing to become a world intangible cultural heritage

Xoan singing is a genre of the folk culture of Phu Tho province – Hung Vuong ancestral land. Xoan singing is a kind of folk with rituals – beliefs, customs, which is taken place during the festivals at the village’s communal houses every springs on this ancestral land.

Deployment of the Project on Viet Tri wastewater collection and treatment system – Phu Tho province

The project aims at improving the sewage quality before discharging into Red river and Lo river as well as the environmental condition of urban area, local health and reservation of water quality of downstream basin of Red river and Lo river – where millions of people are using as the main domestic and commercial water resources.

Phu Tho province - Hwaseong city, Korea to boost bilateral cooperation

Located in the Southwest of Gyeonggi province – Korea, Hwaseong city shares its borders with seven cities and Pyeongtaek port. Hwaseong owns the largest agricultural land area among the town and districts of Gyeonggi province, developing industries of fishery, aquatic products and well-known as a tourist attraction of Korea. In the context of the incessant development of bilateral ties between Vietnam and Korea leveled up to the “strategic relation”, which is considered as the foundation and premise for Phu Tho province to boost the comprehensive multi-factor cooperation with Hwaseong city – Korea.

Phu Tho provincial leaders had a meeting with Japanese Ambassador in Vietnam

Japan - Vietnam diplomatic relation was officially established on September 21st 1973. For 20 years in specially, this partnership has been developing rapidly into numerous fields, paid more effort on quality and in-depth researched into economics, politics, culture and formed the macro relationship. Besides, cooperative activities of sectors, socio-economy organizations is constantly expanded. Thus, the cooperation on economics, culture, education–training, science–technique… between Vietnam and Japan is growing.

Phu Tho enhances the international integration process

Currently, the world’s situation keep changing, the economy has not completely recovery, Official Development Assistance (ODA) has decreased and the East Vietnam sea stresses have affected significantly to the economy development and the foreign affair expansion of Vietnam in general and Phu Tho in particular.

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