Professor Wendy Bacon (University of Sydney), a well-known investigative journalist, has been guest lecturer in many countries. On occasion of his visit to Hung King Temple, he said: "Australia is combined from people from all over the world, so our people do not have the mutual ancestor to worship as Vietnamese people. Being the same origin is the pride of Vietnamese people”. This is story of Prof. Ta Ngoc Tan, Vice Chairman of the Central Theoretical Council at the meeting to implement the idea of organizing Global Vietnam Day.

Prof. Ta Ngoc Tan and Ambassador Nguyen Phu Binh (middle) and delegates dicuss about the Global Vietnam Day

The idea of ​​ Global Vietnam day

After the successful organization of Vietnam Day in Austria, a group of overseas Vietnamese had an idea to organize the Vietnam Day on the anniversary of the Hung Kings' Death Anniversary. Being as one of 15 typical overseas Vietnamese to attend the 9th National Patriotic Emulation Congress, journalist Bich Yen, permanent representative of The Arts Newspaper in Europe, shared that idea which receive many positive responses, including Prof. Dr. Ta Ngoc Tan - Vice Chairman of the Central Theoretical Council and Ambassador Nguyen Phu Binh - President of the Association of Overseas Vietnamese.

At the meeting on establishment of the Global Vietnam Day, held last week in Hanoi, Ambassador Nguyen Phu Binh said that instead of thinking what overseas Vietnamese should do, listening to their idea, aspiration. The aspiration of some overseas Vietnamese is celebrating the Vietnamese day at the same day of the Hung Kings’ Death Anniversary. Vietnam has many holidays, but the the Hung Kings’ Death Anniversary on lunar March 10th would be easily acceptable.

Prof. Ta Ngoc Tan noted that this is a good idea, a reasonable approach. Choosing a day of great national unity also honoring Vietnamese values ​​is necessary, so as to international friends understand Vietnam's culture, literature, and spirit. The professor said that every Vietnamese person, who is Lac Hong’s descendants, are proud of their origin, he personally volunteered to be a member of the mobilization board of the Global Vietnam Day.

Communication connects hearts of Vietnamese people

In the past, the Hung Kings’ death anniversary did not specify any day, local people often choose a good day in the spring or fall. 100 years ago, proposal of Phu Tho’s mandarin  Le Trung Ngoc was approved. On July 25th, 1917, the Law of Nguyen dynasty officially specified lunar March 10th as the national holiday - Hung Kings’ Death Anniversary. In 2007, the Labor Code of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam officially allows employees to have a full-paid day-off on Hung Kings' Death Anniversary.

Since the Worship of Hung Kings was recognized as the intangible cultural heritage of humanity, in recent years, on lunar March 10th, Hung Kings’ Death Anniversary has been broadcast live on both national channels and local channels. Along with Hung Kings’ Death Anniversary in Phu Tho, worshiping places of Hung King and his wife, and children, generals of Hung King’s dynasty all over the country simultaneously organized ceremony to express gratitutde to ancestors. The media communication has been significantly contributing to solidarity spirit of Vietnam.

Along with the traditional mass media, now, social network has great power in connecting the hearts towards their origin. A huge number of people have accounts on social networks. Therefore, on the Hung King’s Death Anniversary, if students of some universities in the country, or some overseas Vietnamese community simultaneously change their profile photo to the photo or logo regarding “towards the origin”, effects of communication will be very powerful.

Journalist Hoang Anh, in charge of overseas Vietnamese subject on VTC10 channel, said the overseas associations operate actively and practically. Phu Tho countryman association should be the core to promote the organization of the Global Vietnam Day in the overseas Vietnamese community. Mr Ta Quoc Huan, Chairman of the Phu Tho Countryman Association in Slovakia, said that although Vietnam Day in Slovakia was not held regularly, Phu Tho Countryman Association annually held the Hung Kings festival. If combining these two days, the Global Vietnam Day will be rapidly well-known

Hearty incense towards the Fatherland

Based on experience in the Republic of Austria, the Mobilization Board of the Global Vietnam Day will be organized as follows: Firstly, simultanesouly organizing ceremony of offering incense to the Fatherland before opening of the Anniversary. Secondly, organizing an arts show, reminding the story of the Lac Hong descendants, in order to introduce to overseas Vietnamese (especially young generations), international friends, politicians, press - media about the origin of Vietnam. Thirdly, performing diverse culinary art of the Vietnamese; introducing and instructing how to make the Banh Chung, Banh Giay, traditional dishes, and Asian-European dishes to the host country. Fourthly, introduction of traditional handicrafts and export items of Vietnam. Firthly, introduction of intangible cultural heritages, world natural heritages, Vietnam's landscapes at the event. Sixthly, in collaboration with famous artists, singers, and actors in the host country to perform art show, introducing Xoan singing and traditional Vietnamese arts. Seventhly, inviting scientists, politicians, writers, journalists, local media and international organizations to join in the event. The seven articles will be implemented by the host country, and the others have to offer hearty incense towards the origin on the Hung Kings’ Death Anniversary.

Journalist Bich Yen said that after success of the Vietnam Day in Austria, Austrian Foreign Affairs Minister Sebastian Kurz commented: "Events like the Vietnam Day in Austria will contribute to strengthening connection of humanity. I highly appreciate the great contribution of the Vietnamese community in Austria and Vietnamese-Austrian generation to economy and cultural life". In 2018, the Vietnamese community in Austria, Czech Republic, and Korea will host the Global Vietnam Day. Hopefully, this effort will continue to make a good impression on international friends as recognition of the Austrian Foreign Affairs Minister.

Du Hong Quang

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