Vietnamese community – the third largest foreign community in Korea

Korea is a small country lying in the Northeast Asia but a lot of foreign people come here to live and work. Vietnamese, despite came this country later than other countries, reached extremely large quantity. So far, number of Vietnamese in Korea has reached over 120,000 and most are laborers, brides and students.

Being the third largest foreign community in Korea only after China and the US, Vietnamese always confirm identities and positive contributions to socio-economic development in the host country. Vietnamese community in Korea live in quite focused area and have their own official associations, because of crowded quantity and cultural and Korean social life familiar with Vietnam’s.

Vietnamese supplies rich labor source for Korean labor market (both manual and high tech employees). In particular, marriages between Vietnamese women and Korean men is creating a link bringing two countries’ normal cooperative relationship to alliance. Especially, the descendant generations of multicultural families with Vietnamese blood will be more crowded and  make up a dramatic proportion in Korean social structure.

Another important factor is that Korean government and people are very interested in the presence of foreign people. Humanitarian organizations are also making efforts to protect and create favorable conditions for foreign workers to have more stable life. For people already having Korean nationality, preferential policies of local governments such as on vocational training, children education, social activities participation is sometimes better than for normal Koreans. At this moment, any cities has centers supporting foreigners, every districts has centers supporting multicultural families, which mainly helps foreign brides to get familiar with new life.

With the spirit of hospitality and active participation in community activities and social inclusion, Vietnamese are always appreciated higher than other foreign communities in Korea. Being also deeply influenced by Buddhism and Confucianism, in spite of different languages, feelings and thoughts are quite similar. Besides, classes of Korean language and culture teaching organized have been participated by many Vietnamese people.

With inherent dynamic and flair characters, Vietnamese community in localities often organize activities to increase cohesion, solidarity and mutual love. Local governments also focus on organizing cultural exchange events for foreigners to learn and adapt. Vietnamese living here always actively create new cultural values for their lives, in which Vietnamese spirit and cultural values are appreciated and honored. 

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